Corporate identity

We offer minimalistic logo design, business cards, letterheads, signatures and business profiles.

What is Corporate Identity? Corporate identity is the manner in which your business is branded and visually presented to the public such as through your logo, business cards, letterhead, advertising and product design etc. These are important to create a lasting memory in the mind of your client.

Minimalistic Logo Design

Your logo visually communicates your brand by means of graphical elements and is seen as the face of your business. A memorable logo differentiates you from other businesses.

From R1140


Business Card

Nothing beats tangible evidence of a product or service. Business cards communicate not only your contact information and services, but also your branding and business personality.

From R855




Your letterhead represents your business and conveys a first impression to your clients. It creates evidence that your business is professional and can be trusted.

From R890



An email signature or footer is part of your branding which communicates information about your business to your recipient.

From R570


Business Profile

Your business profile gives your prospective clients an idea of your products, services, values and and objectives and is an essential document when reaching possible investors.

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