IT Support

We provide you with complete peace of mind through personalised support & innovative technology.

Onsite support

Whether you need help setting up a new computer, printer or WiFi router or have particular support requirements, we’re just an appointment away. Click here for more information on our onsite support.

Onsite services

Backup solutions
Information security
Network and cloud storage
On-site upgrades and repairs
PC support and maintenance
Servers and networks
Virus/malware removal



On-site data use (per gig) R100
Handling fee (for parts/spares purchased on the go) R100
30 minutes R450
Per hour (Monday – Friday 08:00 – 16:00) R680

Remote support

We offer remote support to clients with a reliable and fast internet connection to help address all kinds of minor issues. Click here for more information on our remote support.

Remote services

Setting up e-mail
Help with your website
Help with Microsoft Office
Connect to your network / server
Installing new programs
Installing a new printer/scanner
Help with many other minor issues



Up to 15 minutes R175
First 30 minutes R350
Per hour 60 minutes R570


Our workshop is fully equipped to assist with new setups and deal with most support issues. Laptops, monitors and printers will be sent to the nearest service centre for advanced repairs. Hard drives will be sent to a data recovery lab for mechanical data recovery. Click here for more information on our workshop support.

Workshop services

New PCs
Upgrades and repairs (PCs and laptops)
Virus/malware removal
System recovery and reinstalls
Backups (local, NAS and cloud)
Drive cloning/copying
Logical data recovery (e.g. deleted files)
Mechanical data recovery (e.g. damaged hard drive)
Laptop repairs



First 30 minutes R350
Per hour 60 minutes R570
Same day / priority fee R300
Backup & restore < 1TB R520
Backup & restore > 1TB R770
Insurance assessment & letter R520
Data recovery assessment R520
Windows only reinstall R520
Full reinstall R960
Driver search & download ea. R520
Download per Gig R140
Windows password reset R520
E-mail password reset R300
Malware / virus scan & removal R770
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