We’ve been serving and offering our clients with value for money since 2001.

Delitech I.T. Solutions is a provider of information technology services and solutions to professionals, home and small businesses, schools, churches and non profit organisations. Delitech I.T. Solutions is based in Pierre van Ryneveld, Centurion, Gauteng. We offer on-site services to clients in Gauteng, and we offer internet, hosting, design and development services to clients throughout South Africa.

Delitech I.T. Solutions was established in August 2001 as a project by students studying for degrees in Computer Science, Informatics and Enterprise Management at the University of Pretoria. Since then Delitech I.T. Solutions has grown into a fully equipped I.T. services provider.

Today, Delitech I.T. Solutions is owned by Dewald P. Montgomery, the sole remaining member of the original study group, who is qualified in Informatics, Marketing and Enterprise Management, with an interest in Object Oriented Programming, Computer Information Systems, Computer Security, Cryptography and Steganography.

In response to changes in the local market, Delitech IT Solutions formed strategic new partnerships with leading network providers and suppliers in 2017 and 2018. Delitech IT Solutions consequently has seen an impressive expansion of our range of products and services and increased nationwide footprint. As a result, Delitech IT Solutions is thankful for a period of tremendous growth. In anticipation of more great things to come, Delitech IT Solutions finally evolved into the new Delitech (Pty) Ltd early in 2019, powered through excellence by the same great team that has been leading the charge since 2015.

Our team is comprised of extraordinary people who are happy to serve you to the best of their ability.

Dewald P. Montgomery

Director and hands-on expert
Dewald is responsible for running the company, support and software development.

Linda Montgomery

Our in-house designer and writer
Linda is responsible for customer relations, marketing and design, as well as content and technical writing.

Bernard Jordaan

Our in-house IT ghuru
Bernard is responsible for sales, workshop services, support and software development.

8 reasons why hundreds of professionals, schools, churches and non profit organisations trust us to take care of their information technology needs.
We’re not “just another computer shop”.

We’re widely recognised for our friendly and personal approach to making IT affordable and easy, saving you valuable time and money.

We’re fully qualified and have over seventeen years experience.

We continuously study our industry in order to respond to new ideas and technology, so we can offer you up to date and relevant information.

We’re open and honest in dealing with you, our valued client.

We’ll never talk you into paying for something that will not solve your problem or benefit you.

We help you adapt to the ever evolving world of IT.

We customise to perfection and do whatever it takes to find the best solution for you.

We compare very well to our competitors.

It’s impossible to always be the ‘cheapest’, but we do our best to offer great prices and support.

Our suppliers of brand name IT products are well established and reliable.

We’re able to fulfill the vast majority of orders in 3-5 week days.

All our products are backed by manufacturer warranties.

Our onsite and workshop services are backed by our revolutionary 14-day service warranty, and we offer a 99% up-time guarantee on our hosting services.

We offer special service discounts.

We offer service discounts to pensioners, churches and non profit organisations and we are involved in several community upliftment projects.