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Testing your fibre speeds before reporting a problem


Before you report a problem with your fibre line, restart your router. This very often solves minor issues. Next, check the number of devices using your connection at the same time. See here.

Important: Please don't rely on DSTV streaming as the primary indicator of internet performance. DSTV streaming via the app, decoder or otherwise in itself is NOT a reliable measure. Please also test streaming on other sites such as Youtube and Netflix. DSTV is famous for streaming issues. See here.

If you still believe your fibre line isn't performing as it should, test as follows:

1. Disconnect EVERYTHING from WiFi - computers, laptops, phones, tablets, TVs, media boxes, consoles, decoders, EVERYTHING.

2. Remove EVERYTHING from the LAN - computers, laptops, TVs, media boxes, consoles, decoders, EVERYTHING.

3. Connect a LAN cable between a SINGLE laptop or computer and your fibre router.

4. Log in to your router to check that NOTHING else (other than the ONE laptop or computer you are currently using) is connected to the router.

Important: Testing via WiFi is NOT a reliable method. There are many reasons why your phone / tablet / laptop may not provide accurate results. See here and here. Distance from the router, the device's own WiFi antenna, drivers (where applicable), interference from other devices and WiFi networks, etc. all affect WiFi speeds.

5. After checking that your testing device is the ONLY one on the network, perform a speed test at Test two or three times. To rule out a problem with the testing device, it may help to test with another device.

6. If THIS test fails, send the following to your ISP:

6.1 A screenshot of the number of devices connected to your router

6.2 A screenshot of the test results

6.3 A picture of your setup will be very helpful

Your ISP will then investigate the issue further.

If your speed test appears normal, your fibre line is working properly. Start connecting your devices back to the network ONE by ONE, doing a speed test EVERY TIME, until you find the device that's draining your bandwidth.

Please note: We will report issues with your fibre line right away, but the network operator will attend to faults according to the applicable SLA. This is typically 2-3 week days for home connections. We apologise for the inconvenience. Rest assured that we will keep tracking progress and notify you as soon we receive feedback from the network operator.

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